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Physical Exercise And Badminton Basic Technique
Those who would like Badminton, like me, below is a Physical Exercises and Techniques Badminton Association :

Physical Training
Badminton game is loaded with various capabilities and complex motor skills. At first glance it can be observed that the players have to perform movements such as sprinting, stopping abruptly and soon moving again, the motion of jumping, reaching, twisting the body quickly, making strides without ever losing the balance of the body. These movements should be done repeatedly.
Victory over must have a quality of physical fitness for a positive impact on mental fitness, psychological, which ultimately had a direct impact on the appearance of playing techniques.

That is why the victory over dire need of quality strength, endurance, flexibility, speed, agility, and coordination of movement is good. These aspects are much needed to be able to move and react to explore every corner of the field during the game.

Exercise Warming 
Many lack the training to give special attention regarding the role and function of warming exercise trueand correct. Exercise warming are packaged properly will provide the influence positively on the work processes of organs, the mechanism of blood circulation, and respiration. In addition, it is very important to avoid the occurrence of various injuries of muscles, joints, and other body functions. In general practice shaped heating :

a)    Running short distances which vary like running while lifting the thigh / knee, running back, ran forward and sideways.
b)   Perform gymnastic movements which are their alley leg muscles, thighs, back, front, arms, ankles, waist, shoulder muscles, etc..
c)    Quality of stretching should be done slowly until you feel the process of stretching on the muscles and joints are trained. Avoid jerking movement, which can cause pain in muscles or joints.
Physical Training System
The Best Way To Prepare Physical Condition : 
1.    Running Training Program.
Exercise is very important and a good run to hone the ability of the heart, lungs, and leg strength. Familiarize players practice run for 15-30 minutes without stopping, which carried out 1-2 times a week, very good for building aerobic endurance ability and fitness of players.
2.    Gymnastics Exercise Program
These forms of exercise stretching exercises for all parts of the body and joints should receive attention. Stretching exercises should be alternated movement to strengthen the upper and lower body are conducted alternately.

1.  Racket Grip (Grip)
How to handle that right is the racquet racket must be held with the fingers (finger joint) with a flexible,
relaxed, yet must remain powered when the strike kok. Avoid holding the racket with how to use the palm
of the hand (like holding a machete).
Racket Grip Type
       Two kinds of how to hold a racket on the side, in fact used interchangeably depending on the situation and condition of the game. For the initial stage of the beginners are usually taught how to hold the first forehand, then backhand. In the end for the already skilled players will be seen the handle of his racket just one grip. This occurs because the shift of the handrails to the backhand and forehand on the contrary are few and occur automatically.
      Correct racket handle, and harness the wrist when hit really, can improve quality and accelerate the pace of the course of blows really. This means, already use energy more efficiently but effectively. That's why, since the early trainees should familiarize
strike kok using wrist force (power whip).
          How to Hold the Racket forehand
      1.    Hold the racket with his left hand, racket head sideways. Hold the racquet in that way "handshake". Form a "V" hand placed on the handle of the racket.
      2.    Three fingers, namely tengan finger, and pinkie sweet racket grip, while the index finger slightly apart.
Put three fingers between the thumb and forefinger.
         How to Hold the racket backhand
For the backhand griop, slide the "V" hand to the inside. Located next to the inside. thumb pads located on the racket handle wide.

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